Cooled CCD users allowed?

  1. Lonnie
    Chuck if I decide to go cooled CCD, are you still going to let me hang out here or do I have to hang my head in shame and go (start) my own user group?
  2. KathyNS
    I think, after your adventures in the cooled DSLR world, you are an honourary life member of this group!
  3. ChuckWalters
    What a question to ask................of course!
  4. Lonnie
    Well hopefully the guy who looks after this group get's out his big red crayon and colors out the "DSLR" in the group picture!
  5. ChuckWalters
    Done my friend!!!
  6. Lonnie
  7. Starhunter
    hello , i did a DSI cooler project, though i would post here!
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