Why no reviews yet?

  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I'm starting to wonder why there haven't been ANY reviews yet... surely someone (not us) must have used their camera by now?
  2. dp297
    Where is this Jenny King that's supposed to have received her camera?
  3. KathyNS
    As far as I know, Jenny is the only person who has received one so far. She had to send hers back because of dust on the sensor.
  4. dp297
    Well, I dont know what to say....there are 2 alternatives...cause I really feel that they are trying..
    1. Either they are frauds or not good enough at what they are doing or
    2. The product is in development and therefore the delays
  5. skcusfa
    I hope you guys dont take a scam on this one,, was so looking forward to pics from these cameras,
    I personaly would be having a cow by now,, atleast he stays in touch---- unless thats just so he can by time to move on
  6. dp297
    are u saying that it is a scam?
  7. dp297
    Keith and Phil,
    have you both paid the full amount or have u requested a refund?
    However, the fact that one person has received a camera (albeit dusty) means that there is an actual product
  8. skcusfa
    with all the delays and no other people having them except what i see hear,, and the cost to you fellas I pray it OK and not a stinker deal
  9. dp297
    Well, I have been talking to Mark today and 2 days ago about camera redesign, since I was not fully informed and have not consented on the specs of the V2Pro.
    The product exists and that is certain. I think that they seriously lack in organization and made the mistake of taking order before they could resolve major technical issues which were resolved this month. This is why there were delays.
    I think this is the case.

    In any case, I gave Mark one month and then I made clear that I will request a refund.
  10. skcusfa
    sound fair of you,
    I hope they come for you guys I hate knowing theres a great pc of equipment out there and then Boom it falls apart
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