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  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    It takes <5 minutes to issue a PayPal refund (I've done it a few time myself) IF you have the funds in your PayPal account or in a linked bank account...
  2. dp297
    I really dont know what the problem is with the refunds? I dont get it why they are behaving like that
  3. Lonnie
    Well, that's ANOTHER 24 hours passed and nothing heard from JTW. My last email to them goes unanswered as of yet.
  4. Lonnie
    I've just received a partial refund from JTW. Hopefully the remaining money will follow in the next day or so.
  5. dp297
    why only partial?
  6. Lonnie
    I received a refund for the second invoice I paid to them.
    I'm hoping that I'll receive my initial 50% deposit in the next day or so.
    At least he is showing that he's willing to issue a refund as his website states.
    As always, I'll keep the group informed on this matter.
  7. Lonnie
    I have now received notification of my entire refund coming!! Should see all of it by the 7th!
  8. whiteLion
    My camera is also on it's way but is stuck in postal offices with in this days. I do not know why you are so unpaciences, I wait for it from june .
    Anyway I tell Mark to make for me and an Carrey mask.
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