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  1. ChuckWalters
    So that there is a wide selection of cooled DSLR options available for those wishing to go down that AP path, I thought I would start a thread that lists those options with links on where to check it out or purchase one.

    JTW Astronomy for the Ultimate Pro v2 Water Cooled DSLR: JTW Astronomy - Home

    CentralDS makes some very cool (no pun intended) cooled DSLR cameras: Cooled DSLR | Astro Camera
  2. ChuckWalters
    Please add more links so this resource can grow for our members.
  3. KathyNS
    The CentralDS options look interesting.

    A warning, though. When I visited the site (via a Google search, not via your link), my antivirus reported a "malicious cookie" attack and blocked the page.
  4. skcusfa
    I was Ok when I went to centralids site
    looks cool also
  5. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    The site is clean according to my many Protection tools... I think you got a false positive.
  6. KathyNS
    I agree, probably a false positive.
  7. KangaBear
    I am going down the path of a cooled camera and wish to explore options as well as pro's and con's of cooled versus non cooled. so Chuck's comment about adding links is a good one. When I find something I will post it. In the meantime........... There is a vast price differential between cooled and non cooled cameras and I am not referring to the DSLR variety. I am going to use my Canon 60D at the start and the first question that springs to mind is "If we take a dark shot at the start and use this to subtract from the exposures dont we get rid of the hot pixels anyway if so then is there still an issue with degradation or not?"
  8. KathyNS
    Darks try to cure noise; cooling tries to prevent it. The best noise control is to do both: prevent it with cooling, and subtract what is left using darks. Hot pixel elimination is a beneficial side-effect of darks, not the primary purpose.
  9. CamelHat
    While lurking on this group I found this cooled 6.1 MP color CCD 30 degrees below ambient, large sensor 1.8" listed for $1599 (6.1 MP cooled color CCD camera - large format - escitec). I noticed that Orion sells a TEC cooled camera with similar CCD specs for $1199. Maybe not as many pixels as a DSLR but pretty competitive for cooled color CCDs or DSLRs. Also, the water cooling and size seems like a major hassle so if I had to buy something now I might go for this option.
  10. calypsob
    CamelHat, If the camera you speak of is monochrome then shooting it through a LRGB color wheel would actually provide you with a superior resolution in comparison to most DSLR's. Canon uses one red, two green and one blue pixel in a square of four pixels. An 18 megapixel 60d is actually dividing the megapixel values for RGB and I believe that the value of blue and green is actually greater than the red value so with a 6.1 mp monochrome CCD you could actually create a 24.4 megapixels composite image which would be cooled in a superior manner than any DSLR. And since you are on the topic my future dream camera is an atik 383L.
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