Filters for the JTW

  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I've looked at manual wheels but they are just as heavy (~0.5kg) as a USB wheel.

    Then I found this...
    Filterschublade inkl. 1 Einschub fr 2' Filter - kurzbauend

    This is perfect for me; t-threads (no need for adapters), organic (I can add new filter holder drawers when I need them and have an unlimited number), it is extremely light and adds almost nothing to the optical path length.

    And it is cheap! (well, not exactly cheap, but at least the cost can be spread)
    The holder is £80 including one filter drawer

    They sell extra filter drawers @£20 each plus protective cases @ £3 each

    What does the group think?

    US supplier here: Teleskop Service 2" Single Filter Drawer System - OPT Telescopes
  2. ChuckWalters
    With a unit that is not sealed (others that have Allen screws for example to tighten the plates halves), will any ambient light get in to defeat the filter???? Just a thought.....
  3. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    There's a similar system here:
    Filter Drawer System

    I think in both cases when the drawer is closed the system is effectively light and dust proof.
  4. ChuckWalters
    And the link I sent you from BrightStar (Filter Wheels - Brightstar - Astronomy Products) appears to be made by a third party and is identical to the 4 position 2" Orion manual filter wheel.
  5. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I'm not sure Orion make anything themselves - it all seems to be rebadged stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that necessarily)
  6. ChuckWalters
    Agreed! That is most likely true of most of the retailers who have their name stamped on a product.
  7. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I see that other purchasers are starting to get annoyed now they realise that clip filters are mo longer supported... Check out their Facebook page...
  8. ChuckWalters
    Phil, you did say that I should get the Astronomik CLS-CCD when I replace my Astronomik CLS Clip-In, correct? I am hoping to get what I paid for the CLS Clip-In as it was never even opened. The seal is not even broken on the case.
  9. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Yes Chuck - the CLS-CCD is the one to use with IR modified cameras. The normal CLS one is far too "blue" and has the wrong bandpass characteristics for Ha transmission; it is designed for cameras with normal (Ha blocking) filters.
  10. ChuckWalters
    Thanks Phil....ordered it today! Of course I will have it long before my camera......
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