Filters for the JTW

  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Looks like the may be a clip filter solution at some indeterminate point in the future according to today's posting on the JTW FaceBook page...
  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Should it ever become a reality, it seems it will accept clip filters AND (critically) still provide a T2 female thread in front of the clip filter...
  3. ChuckWalters
    Not waiting. Sold my Astronomik CLS Clip In and ordered the Astronomik CLS-CCD 2" mounted. Looking today for filter wheels.......
  4. dp297
    To tell you the truth, and I am guessing its not just me....I am still not sure what the Ultimate V2 system is comprised of. I had a conversation with Mark a couple of days ago just to confirm that the system accepted clip in filter and he said that it did.
    Now he might have meant just as is or with an adaptor...but in any case it does accept them. But, nevertheless, I am still not sure.....
  5. ChuckWalters
    He must mean future versions because mine does not accept them.
  6. dp297
    We were talking about the camera he is building for me now and have ordered since September..
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