JTW ULT-700D opinions

  1. hEll_rAiSeR
    Hello all,

    I am thinking of going for a debayered and cooled DSLR. Do you think JTW ULT-700D is a good solution? Are there any advantages VS the CentralDS models?

    Any opinion would help.

  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    As far as bayered cameras are concerned the CDS and JTW models are pretty similar in performance. Dark frames are not required with either camera. CDS don't offer a debayered model AFAIK.
  3. widefield
    I understand from Mr Lee at CDS, that they will be releasing a de-bayered 600D, maybe in June.
    My CDS Astro60D continues to work perfectly but a mono version would be great even though my Astro 60D is pretty amazing at capturing narrowband.
  4. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Interesting - thanks. My JTW is being debayered at the moment. When I get it back I will be good to go for both OSC and high-res (12Mp) Narrowband imaging (although I too have had good success using my CDS600 for narrowband in the meantime).
  5. widefield
    Do you remember last year when I was talking to you about JTW?
    In the end after 5 months I asked Mark for my money back, as there was still no sign of my mono camera.
    I would still consider a JTW mono camera but I'd like to see some independent pictures first, so would be interested to see your results.
    I would also like to know that the mono JTW cameras are ready off the shelf after my experience last year.

    This is what Mr Lee of CDS actually said to me in his e-mail recently;-

    "2 month ago we completed our own de-bayering process. It’s not micro grinding or chopstick friction method or chemical method, but more safe and more equal without scratches.
    Now we are upgrading CDS-600D design to make low profile body and to apply drop-in filter holder. we are to release CDS-600D mono.
    False color channel combine using 2” narrow band filters will be possible with CDS-600D mono camera.
    We are to finish this project within June."

  6. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Interesting to see how the filter holder concept works without introducing condensation/icing problems... (current CDS cameras are sealed and have no such problems) but I trust Mr Lee.
    My JTW - when it returns - will have been Argon purged and sealed... we shall see.
  7. widefield
    I assume the filter housing is in front of the sealed chamber?
    They already have this system with their 5D M111-----big bucks though else I would have one !!!
  8. hEll_rAiSeR
    Mark of JTW told me that the delivery time is 4 weeks for their new model, 700DM.
  9. widefield
    Hopefully the delivery time is correct now.
    If anyone orders one, let us know how long delivery takes and of course sample pics please.
  10. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Yes - it would appear that the filter housing is outside of the camera so no problems.
    My JTW1100D is due back from debayering next week! (just had confirmation from Mark)
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