JTW ULT-700D opinions

  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    My CDS600D has been a dream to use - no problems with it at all and I love not having to take dark frames :-)
  2. widefield
    Great, I'd love to see the results.
    I'm going to wait and see what the CDS mono 600 is like then decide whether to go for it or try JTW again.
    One way or another, I will buy a mono camera though.
  3. hEll_rAiSeR
    Just a quick update from me: I have been waiting for my ULT700 for two months now. Unfortunately, there have been some problems in the production, and my camera is one month late. I was promised to receive the camera in one month after the payment.
  4. hEll_rAiSeR
    Still no sign of my JTW camera...
  5. hEll_rAiSeR
    Still no sign of it...
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