Welcomes and Introductions

  1. Makuser
    A big welcome to our newest member bladekeeper (Bryan). It is a pleasure to have you with us on here.
  2. bladekeeper
    Thanks, Marshall! While I'm not in Florida, we have many Florida members, and I like to hang out with the cool kids.
  3. dagadget
    Very interesting mow I have a place to hang out and help grow this group. I do have 7 telescopes so if I go to a party with most of them no one will have any excuses not to look at the stars and planets with awe


    Avon Park, Florida
  4. Makuser
    And a welcome to another new member jmfloater (John) from Panama City, FL. I hope that you enjoy the fellowship on here, and will also post some of your great astro images on here.
  5. jmfloater
    Thanks for the welcome. I figured central panhandle was close enough to central Florida.
  6. dagadget
    Yes panhandle is close enough and tere are a few spots in the panhandle that are darker night skies than the peninsula.
  7. mandomom
    I’m from central Florida, in fact I don’t live very far from Makuser, aka Marshall. Glad to be here!
  8. dagadget
    Yes it is going to be nice when we can get everything rolling here. I am as centrally located as I can be in Avon Park and not far from a few dark sky spots (for Florida anyway)
  9. Makuser
    A big welcome to our newest member sxinias (Joe). It's great to have you join us on here. Welcome to the group Joe, and the best of wishes for clear skies.
  10. Makuser
    And, we welcome another new member sansouci01 (Jeff) from Orlando, FL. Welcome to the group Jeff, and keep looking up.
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