Celestron Evolution 8-To get good Communication Use a reasonably good tablet

  1. Paul from Maine
    Paul from Maine
    My inexpensive tablet (Nextbook 8-$100) from Walmart could not communicate with the scope. When it tried to connect to the embedded Sky-Q-Link software in the scope the error message was "Saved" rather than "Connected."

    OPT telescope where I purchased the Evolution online (Steve and Larry) were a big help. Celestron said they have used Google and Samsung tablets to test their scope. Celestron's Sky Portal software downloaded to the tablet easily and seemed that everything was in place. The Notebook 8 Tablet just did not have robust software. A new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 ($170) connects and can communicate. Verizon tablets are said to work.

    Celestron has a knowledge base on their website. Evolution telescopes show no issues.

    My home wireless from Direct TV does not interfere with the scopes operation.
    I expected that there would be some startup issues. I thank OPT and Celestron for their help. Stormy-no stars yet.

    Paul from the beautiful coast of Maine
  2. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Woohoo, gotta get you some of the upper limits . Treats await.
  3. Paul from Maine
    Paul from Maine
    The telescope works well but Tablet issues remain...
    My new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet wont load the Celestron Sky Portal software from its memory at low temperatures-at and below 31 degrees F. Samsung was contacted by phone and no answer after 4 days-My temporary solution is to plug the tablet charging cord into 120 VAC while outside. Samsung was contacted by phone but no answer yet after 4 days.

    Paul from the beautiful Maine coast
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I view yr round from my backyard, in the summer I run off battery with the notebook 2000. If I get the warning of battery getting low I plug it into the power supply , I use a laptop cooler in the Summer also and fold up a towel in the Winter with the laptop always keep a supply of handwarmers to keep everything working. The cold can cause issues if you allow it, remember if your cold your cables are colder , an insulator works to prolong time in the elements . As long as you keep cables , tablet warm and direct power the night will be hopefully enjoyable. 23 deg. last night , left the goto in the" cave" had the Z10 reflector out for 45 min.awesome views but, I couldn't keep the fire pit going for the wind.SB
  5. Paul from Maine
    Paul from Maine
    Thanks for the info on what needs the warmth and how to keep the equipment warm. Tonight it will be 21 degrees with 5 mph winds. It gets much colder inland. Winter starts Dec 21...

    Paul S from the beautiful Maine Coast
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