Howdy from Texas

  1. marecanine
    Howdy, I am new to astronomy, recently buying a NextStar 114 GT which I enjoyed until I destroyed it by attaching a ATV battery backwards! I am now looking for another scope (no not to blow up) and plan on increasing the size as far as my budget will allow. I am looking at a Celestron 130 SLT which is only a bit larger than the first one but it does offer a somewhat larger mirror, longer focal length and lower f stop. Anyone have a suggestion trying to keep the cost around $500?
  2. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Welcome to our party mc , I've got a Z10 Dob and a 80mm refractor on a goto mount and each scope has it's own pros and cons. I use my dob for mainly DSO observing and my refractor for Solar System Objects and brighter galaxies and nebulae. I image with both scopes but, my refractor has the tracking for Planetary galaxies and nebulae. The 130 is a nice aperture , easier to transport and should give you plenty of enjoyment.
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