Collimated my Celestron 127EQ telescope

  1. Brianjw
    I received my laser collimator at last, after removing the lens internal to the focusing tube, I was able to collimate my telescope in about 15 minutes. I re-collimated about 3 more times getting my time down to about 12 minutes including time to remove the lens. I did not have any problems at all, I replaced the collimation screws on the telescope with thumb screws I bought from Home Depot.

    Today I checked out my modified webcam and was getting a great picture using sharpcap 2. Tonight, if the weather stays good, we received 8.5 inches of rain yesterday, I will try it on the Moon and Jupiter. It's time we got some good weather for astronomy.

  2. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    The weather plagues us all but, since its been getting hotter out them skeeters are getting really bad .
  3. Lee1944
    Just out of curiosity how well is the quality of the image on the 127? It has a long focal length which I would think should give some better views of Moon and planets.
  4. 12richardk
    Yes will be interesting to compare with a true newtonian I used to have a meade 2130 which was also a bird Jones newtonian but that scope was not so good I landed up selling it as the lens in the focus tube could not be removed so collimation was a nightmare.
  5. Mohamed
    Brianjw congratulation on getting the collimation of your scope
    i've the same scope and i do remove the lens from the focus tube , but i've a question for you, did you see that the secondary mirror are in oval shape instead of circular shape after placing back the corrector focus lens? does your eyes are exactly centered inside primary and secondary mirrors? or they are little bit shifted
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