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  1. Petelotta7
    Hi all,

    My name is Peter and i have just joined the wonderful world of astronomy. i have always had an interest for the skies, but after getting a new Celestron 130 slt for christmas from my wife, i now do not sleep at night, but find myself outside observing outside .

    I am very excited to explore and would like a bit of help from my new fellow enthusiasts.

    My question to you all are these:

    1) What lense is best to use for my scope when viewing planets? (i have got the Celestron Eyepiece and filter kit that holds 6mm, 8mm, 13mm, 17mm and 32mm, including a 2x 1.25 barlow lense)

    2) I am having trouble aligning my scope using the in built technology. When i use SkyAlign it is always incorrect, the horizontal plane is correct but the scope positioning is too high. Would it be a good idea to get the SkyQ Wifi adapter and alight with my computer or ipad?

    3) are any of you located in Australia?

    Look forward to any and all advice anyone can provide.

  2. White Dwarf
    Hi Pete,
    Your choice of eyepiece depends on viewing conditions and size of scope. The highest useful mags. you can get on the 6SE is 354x and the 8SE is 480x. In practice with 6SE you'll be lucky to do better than about 200-250x. The magnifications you get are decided by the focal length of your scope and the focal length of the eyepiece you use using the formula Mags = f.l. scope/fl. e.p. Therefore, using the formula for a 6SE with a f.l. of 1500mm using a 25mm e.p. the mags. are 1500/25 = 60 . Experiment with your choice of e.p. and use the one which gives you the best image.
    When aligning, make sure that the tripod base is close to level, the closer the better.
    make a note of which directions your scope uses when slewing to an object - eg down and to the right, and use these as your final directions when centering your alignment star. Centre as accurately as possible, using an e.p. with a graticule if you have one (although not essential).
    Yes, I am in Australia.
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