Corrector Plate cleaning?

  1. MIA-Twin27
    What's happening fellow Celestron user's? Hope that everyone is doing extremely well & that we are all ready for the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR, XMAS!Anyways, I'm trying to determine what is the best way for one to clean the corrector plate in the 8SE. I've read oin several post that one should not attempt until it is necessary to do so, but some of us like to have their equipment sparklie clean after a session.If anyone has cleaned theirs, please share your know how. Thanks in advance!MIA-Twin27
  2. Alan Sheppard
    The best way to clean the corrector is to not let it get dirty!

    I will just speak on this issue now, later I can explain how to use homemade solutions for cleaning when truly needed.

    The corrector coating is much more robust than we are led to believe, however it is always better to keep it clean by doing a little work after each session if possible.

    Use an air bulb (not compressed air) and blow off as much dust etc of the corrector. This will get rid of most material. The canned air may contain contaminates and / or moisture.

    Next, if some material still remains, use a Lenspen (the brush part) and carefully remove other material before it has a chance to become much harder to remove later. Brush lightly and if something won't come off leave it. This will not affect the viewing and when the corrector really needs to be cleaned, it can addressed then.

  3. Alan Sheppard
    I was going to post my notes as to how to fully clean the corrector of a SCT, but it was too long, so I had to put into a blog under catadioptric telescopes.

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