Welcome to the Nexstar Telescope Group!

  1. admin
    Welcome to the Nexstar Telescope Group! please introduce yourselves here
  2. NCMountains
    Hello, my name is Mike and I own a CPC800! Great scope if I must say. I live in western, NC in the mountains and view mainly from my side deck which has almost 0% light pollution in and around my immediate area.
  3. colfostser@iburst.co.za
    Good Morning South Africa Time 0839am. My husband Terence and I have a Nexstar Se8 and and 8" Dob, our passion is wildlife photography in Kruger Park, but we are also amateur astronomers and want to try our hand at astrophotography, waiting for the Neximage to arrive, so would appreciate any tips from more knowledgeable folks
  4. Hugh
    Hello, my name is Hugh and I use the NexStar 4SE. I live in Portland Oregon near the east end of the airport. I have to admit to thinking I have spotted the ISS approaching near the horizon, only to have it start blinking its lights and then circling for approach...I enjoy watching for it anyway and have spotted it (the real one) several times. It seems to be getting brighter and brighter over the months, so it is getting easier to spot from my urban home.
  5. admin
    Hi Hugh ! welcome to the site !
  6. Steinar74
    God evening, all. My name is Steinar and i`m from Norway. I am a happy owner of a nexstar 8se. I`ve had it for almost 2 months and are really pleased with the scope) The weather here in Norway are actually very nice these days, but its also ice cold.... -20 degrees for the last 2 weeks. BRRR A bit to cold for spending several hours outside. I am looking forward to spend many hours outside this winter... Just have to wait for warmer conditions
    Clear skies, my friends!!!
  7. admin
    Hi Steinar welcome to the site!
    did you see anything over the 2 months?
    clear skies!
  8. Steinar74
    I`ve had some good nights looking mostly at M31 and M42. Many hours has been used just to get to know the scope too. I`ve had some problems with the alignment during the to first weeks but thats ok now. I have also had some good looks on Jupiter and Mars.
    Looking forward to many good nights to come

    Mvh Steinar
  9. ndn
    Hello! From Ontario Canada.
    My name is RenÚ, and I am now an owner of my first telescope - a 114SLT!
    Still getting the hang of it, a lot more to learn... looking forward to learning from you all, and exploring this great new hobby!
  10. Lou1978
    Hi from Blackpool, England!
    My name is Louise and I've just bought a Nexstar 5SE. I'm hoping to do some astrophotograpy eventually, but I need to get used to the scope first!
    Light pollution is really bad here, so I'm waiting for a clear night to get out and find some dark skies.

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