What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. admin
    What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own? I personally wanted to get a Nexstar 8 SE but they are quite expensive here in Australia... there is a sale on most Nexstars so they are quite cheap in the US right now...
  2. AstroAm
    I bought the 4SE. I am looking at getting the 11" cpc from Celestron soon but cant decide for that money going for just a huge dob or not.
  3. Brundah1
    I am in the process of buying a used Nextstar 8i XLT with notebook and control software. This will be my first real astro telescope - had a very simple telescope many years ago. However since childhood I have had an abiding interest in the night sky probably kindled by my mother who was a research assistant at Mount Stromlo observatory Canberra Australia (1943 - 1945). She was fortunate to work with a very gifted team Dr. Clarbon Alen, Dr. Richard Woolley and others.

    I am very interested in improving the N8 drive stability issues and building my own aluminium portable pier.

    My interests are exporing general planet and star observations to the limits of the N8.

    Being an amateur photographer for the past 40 years, I hope to also experiment with digital photograph on this lelescope.
  4. admin
    Hi Brundah, welcome to the site. I actually was interested in the Nexstar myself but I could not afford the price here in Australia. The Nexstar 8 is a great scope to start with, is a nice light bucket, and I think you can get some decent shots if you are near some dark skies. Let us know when the scope comes in Exciting stuff.
  5. NCMountains
    I own the CPC800. I had the 1100 previous but found the 800 was easily more portable and had the same features just 3" less aperture.
  6. g8keeper
    Well ...after years of procrastination I finally purchased my first scope. My first scope and it is a Celestron 8 SE. Just took it out for my first peek last night. If any of you know Info. Sys. terms I am struggling with Layer 8 issues....But I know I am going to enjoy this scope.
  7. Bob Privett
    Bob Privett
    Hi all
    I recently purchased a secondhand Celestron 8"SE not the new Orange one but the the model before that a light grey colour. I also have an old Newtonian 4" that has to be some 30 years old and has an equatorial mount that has to be manualy driven, so when I saw the Celestron I said that's the scope for me, I will soon have more time to use it as I am comming up to retirement next year and hope to be able to devote more of my nightime activities to observing the various heavenly bodies astronomical of course.
  8. admin
    Welcome to the forums guys and congrats on the scope purchase! any objects bagged yet?

  9. NCMountains
    Yes the 8SE is a great value and scope! I had a 4SE as my first scope and loved that little scope. Should have kept it.
  10. g8keeper
    I have only had 1 chance to get my 8SE out since I bought it last month. Between vacation in Canada and the cloudy weather hear in the Mid-South I haven't had the chance to get it out again.
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