What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. JScerb
    I've got a Nexstar 102GT as a first scope purchase to get me into the hobby and learn more. Enjoying it so far, and already seeing the limitations...has me looking at larger scopes already....to the fear of my wife, haha
  2. Charlie S
    Charlie S
    I got started in amateur astronomy just a year ago with a Celestron 127EQ. Due to budgetary restraints, I settled for a NexStar 4 SE as my first upgrade, which arrived just under two weeks ago. I'm really happy with it, considering the small diameter puts most DSOs out of reach. I still look forward to viewing our moon and the other planets. I already shot some footage of the moon, but it's a touch out of focus and really restricted (can't get the whole moon in the shot because I haven't bought a reducer yet). Have a lot of accessories to buy, but that will take time, of course. Really looking forward to getting out & gaining some experience operating this new one (I'm beginning to think it's smarter than I).
  3. gtis
    Hi all
    I have a 4se
  4. tedabney
    I have a Nexstar 8SE and the alt-az mount it came with....I also have an Advanced VX EQ mount...I have always had problems with both mounts on tracking. As the mounts are so different, the common denominator is ME! I do the aligns with the alt-az using two star...get align success message....and the planets still move on me....on the AVX, same thing.....last night I did the go to alignment with 4 calibration stars, and Saturn was still moving quickly across the FOV....do I have a brain infection?"??? I am a little slow at this....wasted time and $$$$ trying to align until someone told me to get a Telrad finder...the service I have received from the Torrance offices have been most outstanding I might add....Celestron is, IMHO, a good place to shop for your first scope....I am nearly 70 and have wanted a scope all my life and finally got started 2 years ago...
  5. mandomom
    Traded my AVX Edge HD 8" for a NexStar Evolution 9.25 today! It's huge, can't wait to get it out for its first light. Oh the things I'm going to see!
  6. mtsheron
    Back in the game with a NexStar Evo 9.25" with a few 2" accessories.
  7. mtsheron
    My NexStar Evolution 9.25" outfitted with a few more things to come!

  8. ajgale1975
    My Evolution 8 should arrive in a few days!
  9. mtsheron
    AJ.....post a picture once it gets here! We love pictures!
  10. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    I have an original NexStar 5, bought it in the fall of 1999, just before I had a stroke, haven't used it until this summer when I started getting back into astronomy.
    My first challenge was to align it, but after a couple tries I figured that out and it works great. In my Bortle 8 skies it is the only way to find the Messiers. Also I am very sky challenged with 80% of my sky obscured by trees.
    I will check out all the threads here.

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