What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. burrlieve
    I currently own the 130 slt, would love a 8se tho

    Thinking it will be a long while before get another scope however. beeing a novice and new to this hobby i want to get my self comfortable with this scope first before i starte xploring more realms with greater knowledge

    is there anyone else who uses this scope and whats it like for astrophotography
  2. chich
    just got an 8SE. Took advantage of the sale going on at the moment.
    Have been clouded over for weeks here so may be a while until I get out to use it. Clear skies this time of year also means it is probably -30...... but good news is that the bugs are down.
  3. joecamel75
    Bought the 6SE, once I figured out the alignment, I'm loving it!!
  4. Arkanthos
    I own a Nexstar 8se and have had a ton of fun with it so far.
  5. g8keeper
    I have a Nexstar 8SE as well. Haven't had the chance to get it out in awhile but looking forward to clear skies soon.
  6. Gadget63
    I have a NexStar 8 SE, and the HD wedge. So far not having great success polar aligning but reading in the forums has helped. Still on the fence as to whether or not to break down and buy a computerized GEM. But, still loving the hobby!
  7. ChuckWalters
    An 8SE. But I will replace the mount with a CGEM.
  8. Zombie
    Have the 4SE and loving it. So far not too much time with it but the nights that i have gone out ive been blown away. I just need to get some more eyepices to work with
  9. TheDaveWalker
    I own a NexStar 127SLT, but mounted on a CG-5 AS-GT
    Venus-Mercury-Sea | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  10. sxinias
    I have a NexStar 4SE and am loving it. The 4SE is the little scope that can do just about everything; an excellent supplement to my other scopes.

    I use it as my portable observatory for both viewing and astrophotography (prime focus, equatorial mode). For photography, I often use only the 4SE mount with a Meade 2045 LX3 4 inch SCT at f/6.3 as a camera scope. The 4SE with a focal reducer is f/8.2. While usable for photography, the faster SCT performs a bit better.
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