What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. Steinar74
    it`s a beautyful night here i Norway and i am on my way out to look in my nexstar 8se. It is - 23 degrees outside but what the...... Some warm clothes and a trippel wiskey will keep me warm
    Clear skies, friends.
    Mvh Steinar
  2. admin
    Hi Steinar welcome to the forums!!
  3. artexmg
    I bought a Nexstar 4SE about a month ago. It's my first scope and it's very nice. Wanted to reach its limits to deserve a 8" or even a 10" scope
  4. paraman
    Hi, Ive just bought a 5se, all I have to do now is get it set up which at the moment seems easier said than done. Its supposed to be simple so I must be making a pigs ear of it. Hey ho more light reading then.
  5. ndn
    wow... you guys have some pretty amazing tools!
    I recently purchased my first telescope - a 114SLT! its not on the high end, but I am quite hopeful about my experiences in this new hobby.
    I look forward to learning from you all
  6. Ski-Patroller
    I recently bought a Nexstar 8 GPS. We haven't had many clear nights, so I haven't had a chance to really use it yet.
  7. rocknout
    Howdy from Florida,USA.
    My name is Clint and I just bought a Nexstar 5SE. I am fairly new at this.
    The hardest thing for me is aligning the telescope using the factory red dot finder scope as I can't seem to line it up so when I look thur the OTA its centered or even in view.Hopefully that will be taken care of this Friday night when one of the people in the local astronomy club will give me some pointers and sell me a telrad finder.
    I have viewed the moon,mars and saturn with this scope by manually searching for them using just the OTA.
  8. Jimque
    Hi to all,
    Just got a 5SE a week ago. I had a Meade 8" netonian 15 years ago and sold it when I moved to a condo. I regreted it all this time. I finally saved enough for the 5SE. It's taking some time to get used to the "goto" stuff. I'm an old setting circles man (77 years old). I just got some useful information on tracking in this forum. I hope to be able to contribute eventually.
  9. Cladinator
    I recently got the 4SE but have only been able to check out the moon in less than desireable conditions because of the weather. I can't wait for the weather to get nice out so I can use this thing the way it is supposed to.
  10. astroval
    I bought the 4SE about month ago. This is a fun hobby.
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