What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. JLM58
    I currently have the Nexstar 8se. Previously I owned the 4se and absolutely loved it.
  2. DLaw
    I am about to be the owner of a 5SE in a few days with a few Omni plossls and a 2X barlow. Plan to do some DSLR AP with my Canon T3 - both piggyback and prime focus. At some point I plan to get a NexImage or ZWO camera. I haven't had a scope since 2009 and am pretty excited.
  3. Bohr
    I use the Celestron Nexstar 8i and I love it. What I like most is that it gives me aperture yet is still light weight. The tripod mount isn't heavy at all and I can transport the whole thing quite easily.
  4. Saleh Al Lawati
    Saleh Al Lawati
    I bought a Nexstar 4SE 3 years back ...
  5. dagadget
    I have a Nexstar 8 SE that I purchased in early August. The days have been wet and the nights cloudy here in Central Florida. But when I have taken the Nexstar out it has preformed very well indeed. It is a nice contrast compared to my 114 MM Celestron First scope that is probably 20 years or so old. All in all a nice set to have. Now if the weather will just cooperate and the skies clear. Storming now here in Avon Park.
  6. gbeaton
    I bought the Nexstar 5se a little over a month ago... Really like it. Working on getting it to polar align for hopefully a minute of exposure.
  7. nickcodybarrett
    Im looking to buy an 8se but would love to look through one first. Im all alone down here in my state.
  8. vertig0gitrev

    I recently picked up a 127SLT and absolutely love it!
  9. Juan Rayo
    Juan Rayo
    Nexstar 6SE, and loving it
  10. newbs2215
    Bought a new 4SE about two weeks ago. First night out last night.
    Really enjoyed my time and hopefully, will enjoy my new hobby

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