What Nexstar Telescope Do you Own?

  1. veener79
    I just bought a 6SE. My first Telescope.
  2. Wingsfan81
    My Nexstar 11 GPS bought on June 23 of this year.
  3. bigdissavid
    My wife bought me a 4se for my birthday a few months ago. I have always loved space, and I am just getting into useing a telescope. I am excited, altho it feels to me like I am stumbeling along with it. As the nights get longer, and the nights cooler, I will be bringing it out more and learning how to use it.
  4. skywalker122
    My most recent acquisition was a Celestron 127 Mak. Only had it out once due to the cloudy skies here in San Antonio, Tx.
    Looking forward to some long nights when the clouds move out.
  5. JDC-8SE
    8SE, just arrived today. 1st serious scope. Have owned a couple off the shelf package deal cheap-type scopes. I could tell unboxing, the 8SE is a far more serious instrument than others I've had before. Alas no light tonight; will study the manual & forum, find & mark balance points for the OTA with different accessories mounted, & otherwise busy until the 8SE finds itself unveiled by the Christmas tree as the family gift. Can't wait to take it out for 1st light; will post results.

    Nexstar 8SE with: RAVpower 23Ah 12v battery pack; Celestron ac adapter; Celestron lens shade; AstroZap Baader Solar Filter; Orion 13% Moon Filter; Orion shorty 2x Barlow; Celestron Xcel LX 3x Barlow; Gosky 12.5mm illuminated EP; Celestron stereo binocular viewer; Celestron 8-24mm zoom EP (x2); Celestron Erect Image Prism; Orion Steadypix Pro Smartphone mount; Celestron Camera T-adapter; Celestron T-ring for Nikon DSLR; Telegizmos fork-mounted SCT cover TG11; Celestron rolling case.

    Merry Christmas!!!
  6. engrval
    Good Day!

    I'm a beginner from Philippines. Mine is the Nexstar 4SE bought last October 2015. So far so good!
  7. Gabby76
    I have a SLT 102 that I enjoy viewing with though I have played around with it a bit. I also use an SLT mount for my SV 80mm. Makes a great grab & go mount.
  8. Alan0328
    Just got myself a 6SE. now have to wait for the temps to be above 0 and the skies to be clear on the same night...
  9. Helibard
    Just bought a 5SE, rain and snow forecast the next 4 days. Ain't that always how it goes.
  10. newbie-astronomer
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, and new to astronomy.
    I just purchased a Celestron NexStar 127SLT from Amazon.ca, it was CDN$ 629.00 & free shipping, I should receive it sometime in the next few days, I'm very excited to get started!

    My goal is to get started in astrophotography, so hopefully this scope will do the job, I've wanted a scope for decades!
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