It worked. C9.25 Edge HD OT attached to Nexstar Evolution mount and tripod

  1. Pixiedust
    Review: It works - but not perfect. Frustrated with CGEM needing clear dark skies to align, I decided to try using my C9.25 Edge HD OT on the EVO mount and tripod made for that size scope. Ordered ADM D2V adapter. Removed 2 screws holding plastic curved CLAMP cover on EVO mount. The adapter fits perfectly. Slid Edge tube into place and started alignment. It kinda worked but I forgot to level the scope. I think the heavier tube uses battery faster. I have a Badder ClikLck Star Diagonal which hits the center motor area so Zenith is not going to happen with this set up. Tube will balance but might need to use scope weights for perfect balance, so adding weight to the mount might not be the best idea. Have the system loaded on my Scope Buggy but must watch because set up can tip to the side if I leave tube attached while wheeling it into my garage. We do Nightscape photography, no astrophotography. I'm glad this worked well enough to be another option for my needs.
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