How to attach Dovetail adapter to Nexstar EVO mount?

  1. Pixiedust
    I bought a 9.25 Nexstar Evolution telescope, which I enjoy using. I ordered an ADM D2V adapter so that I could attach my 9.25 Edge HD OT to the Nexstar evolution mount. I haven't used a dovetail adapter before. The mount clamp head is curved to fit the telescope. This feature makes it impossible for the adapter to attach to the mount clamp.

    I'm guessing that's how it's supposed to attach. Does anyone have experience in attaching a different optical tube to the Nexstar evolution mount? Will I need to remove the clamp on the mount in order to attach the adapter?

    I'm apprehensive to do this because I worry that I might cause a problem if this isn't the solution.

    Thank you,
  2. Pixiedust
    "Princess" has a New set of wheels! My dad taught me to love the heavens and to tinker. I removed the plastic curved piece and the adapter works perfectly. Baader clicLock is installed. Tube is balanced. Going out in a bit with my Solar filter on for the first time to track the sun and see how well the Nexstar evolution does with my 9.25 edge HD optical tube. Hope to see some action on our nearest star!
  3. kingclinton
    Well done on getting everything figured out!
    Your Dad taught you well.

    I look forward to reading your report back from some solar viewing.
    There are some nice large sunspots to see.
  4. Pixiedust
    Thank you. Looking for group in this forum that follows the sun.
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