CPC 1100 Dovetail Rails

  1. _Dubhe
    Hello, thought I would post this here first...

    I am learning about what I'll need to do to balance my CPC 1100. I am looking at dovetail rails and would like to know what others are using for balancing and adding hardware to the scope.

  2. John999R
    I used the lower ADM dovetail rail on my CPC1100. I then equipped it with the ADM counterweight/dovetail kit that you can slide up and down the rail or adjust the counterweights. I think ADM sells the unit as a kit. From what I recall, Starizona has a piece on their website about balancing your SCT and they also have the set-up in kit form.

    For me there was some confusion on my part balancing the fork mount in a certain position, but I didn't pursue it since I'm not going to use the scope for imaging.
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