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  1. AstroChick1974
    Hello All.... I am the proud owner of a new Celestron Advanced Series GT 9.25 SGT (XLT) and I love it. I hope to learn from some other members about my telescope and here from all the other owners!!! I got it at the beginning of this month and every night is a learning night...easy to use...but is ALWAYS learning!!!
    Clear Skies!!!
  2. sxinias
    I have a Celestron Advanced Series C6S on a manual CG5 mount.

    I had a case of aperture fever this past winter and decided to purchase a 6 inch telescope as I wanted to stay light and portable. Buying scopes in Europe is an experience. I wanted a CAT but could not find one available for shipment to Greece at a reasonable price. I had resigned myself to a SkyWatcher 150 PL Newtonian on an EQ3 mount that was available for about $400US at the time.

    This winter the Greek gods of old smiled upon me. Celestron discontinued the manual CG5 mount variation of the Advanced Series C6S and sold the scope at a price far less than the OTA alone. Even more important, the European dealers were not restricted to sell only within their franchise, the UK pound tanked, and the US dollar took a dead cat bounce with the new president. I leaped at the opportunity and got my C6S for $450 US which here in Europe is a super bargain. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

    Sxinias Greece
  3. Michel BARBET
    Michel BARBET

    I am a new (French) member equipped with a C8-S-GT and currently experiencing misworking hand pad (Nexstar): 2-star + more calibs procedure seems to work but as soon as 2 or 3 searches for objects it repeatedly loops back to the "initializatio" step !! Before sending this piece to the seller, I would be interested in reading of any feedback (pos. or neg ...).
    Bruges 64 , France
  4. admin
    Bonjour Michel, welcome to the forums. Have you tried updating the firmware for the goto/hand-set before sending it in for repairs?

    Make sure you check the firmware version when it loads up, and the see what is the latest version on the Celestron website.

    please let us know your progress on this,
  5. Michel BARBET
    Michel BARBET
    Thank you for this,
    I will try on the next week and obviously let you know about further on.
    Have a nice WE,
  6. admin
    Ok Michel you too have a good WE

    let us know next week, cheers!
  7. roverich
    Hey All ...I dont have a advanced scope but i do have the advanced cg5 mount ..I guess it is like a step child because i have a meade refractor on a celestron mount LOL...I got mine on sale for $525. dollars US.
  8. AstroChick1974
    Sounds like a good deal Roverich!!! Welcome to the family..LOL
  9. Coastalbody
    Hello all. I've got a C6-RGT and I've found it a quick grab and go scope. I've also got another CG5 mount I put my 10" LX200 on but maybe I shoudn't go there in this group. The mount is quite sturdy and tracks bang-on with a minimal setup time. Clear Skies
  10. fizzabit
    Hello all and happy holidays. I just got a CGEM 11(still trying to figure out the polar alignment thing) I have a 6" celestron Dobs also.
    I live in N.J. close to N.Y. city so light pollution is a problem.
    Cheers !
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