First tests

  1. Cap
    Well, took the rig out the other night to see what it would do.

    Mounted atop the mighty ETX90, I aimed at Saturn and ran 10 shots @ISO800, 4 sec exposures. Then, M42: 40 frames, same settings. Max optical zoom (438mm).

    The camera limits longer exposures. 4"@1600, 8"@800 is the max.

    Fair seeing.

    So: LOTS of noise. This camera was optimized to do high speed and DVD video. Ran the batch through Registax (first time user), some help there... but nothing great to show for the night.

    Saturn showed well, but barely any rings, one moon. M42: no nebulocity at all.

    Next test will be afocal.

    Digisnap won't talk to the computer, so I can't program it yet...snapped all shots by normal remote trigger.

    Testing continues...
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