DigiSnap progress

  1. Cap
    Well, I wrote to Casio and got a remote trigger to take apart and see what makes it tick.

    Mark out at Harbortronics (makers of the DigiSnap intervalometer) is making the change needed to set up the FX1 to shoot the night away at specific intervals.

    I should be able to stack the images nicely. This is the fastest digital camera out there (1200fps if you really want to go crazy) so it must have an awesome CMOS inside.

    I'll be mounting the rig on a modified Meade mount with a 494 controller and see how she does without a telescope. Oh, on the mount, I'll also have an old Nikon Coolpix 885 and Canon A1... all carefully balanced

    I'm also looking at the Pclix interval timer as well. Same price as the Harbortronics unit, but smaller. Not sure yet if it will run the FX1.

    I'll keep everybody posted

  2. admin
    Hi Cap,
    welcome to the site and groups. Thanks for starting this group.

    keep us posted and don't forget to post astrophotography pictures once you have a few we all are keen to learn and see some faint fuzzies...

  3. Cap
    Faint and fuzzy, I can deliver

    The mount, btw, was modified by making a 43 degree plate that fits under the horizontally rotating Az part of the mount. Haven't tested the Meade 494 Go To controller to see if it can figure out the change.
  4. Cap
    Venus over DFW: Flying the other night and snapped it with my little SOny. You can see a phased Venus. Can't believe it actually took a passable pic from 33,000 feet thru 3 panes of glass.
  5. admin
    Beautiful stuff I like that moon shot
  6. Cap
    Digisnap in hand: now to build the piggyback for the little ETX90 and hope I don't overload it! Initial tests look good...
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