DSLR AP challenge

  1. dilyar
    DSLR + tripod + 18-55/55-250/50mm + suburban sky, how far can one go? anyone tried shooting DSO with this setup ?
  2. TCampbell
    The "suburban sky" can be fierce. I recently tried to capture the whirlpool (on a guided telescope) It was starting to show up in a 1-minute exposure (ISO 3200) but the sky-glow was fierce. I attached a Baader Luminance filter which helped considerably... enough that I think I could process the image to tease some detail out of it. Unfortunate just as I was getting it framed in and started to see results... the clouds rolled in <sigh>.
  3. mckechg
    i got a decent NGC3373 on CANON 7D on a HEQ5 Pro with a sigma 150-500 @ 401mm.

    i have decided to only use my dslr and lenses. no telescopes for my AP... see how this goes :-)
  4. robthesheep
    I should try my T3 on my HEQ5 - normally I'm imaging through a scope but in theory should be able to get some nice wide DSO shots - maybe I can even duct tape the autoguider on there too- food for thought...
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