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  1. NorthernGator
    Hi all!

    I'm Jeff in Ontario Canada. I started AP 2 years ago by holding a point and shoot at the eyepiece and then decided to start prime focus with my Canon 50D. I have an 8 in SCT on a CG5 mount and don't guide yet. I thought that I would just push as far as I can go with my equipment as is before deciding what to do next. I am bare bones using my CG5 and using free software like Registax, DSS and GIMP for processing. I recently got a cheap intervoltmeter and a 6.3 focal reducer and am presently taking 1 to 2 minute exposures depending upon how the star trails are and then stacking tons of exposures. We will see. I just don't know my next step yet. Auto guider? CCD Camera? In the meantime using the Canon is easy after the initial learning curve and is going not too badly.
  2. MickO
    Hello! I'm relatively new to AP, and I've only done it seriously (well...) for a few months. My DSLR is an EIS XSi/450D, and I have used it on my home built 8" dob, but more recently on an 80mm f/6 StellarVue APO triplet (with a field flattener). The guider and mount are both Orion, and so far I have with some success managed to image M3, M81 and M82, but I still have much to learn I have thought about using the Canon software to control exposure, but for now a plug-in intervalometer does just fine. Using Deep Sky Stacker for stacking, which works pretty well.
  3. dodgerm37
    I'm Bob in N.E. Ohio. I recently got a T5i plus T rings to allow use on either a 4" SCT or a 5" refractor. I've used quite a bit of film in fifty years but fairly new to digital. This should be a very interesting ride. Thanks! Bob
  4. Rcoggins
    Hi, I'm Richard and I live in central Texas. I'm fairly new to digital AP and I use a T3i with either my C9.25, my SW ED80 or an assortment of lenses depending on what I am imaging on a given night. Back in the 80's and early 90"s is did some film AP with my B&L 8000 and an Olympus OM1.
  5. fatboy1271
    Hi All,

    I figured it was easiest to re-post my first introduction post as a new member to the forum:

    I got my Celestron 90SLT for Christmas, from my amazing wife, in 2014. I just started doing astrophotography over the last couple of months. Having never owned a camera that you can change lens on I've learned quite a bit about my wife's Rebel XSi!

    I'm using many aspects of the XSi my wife didn't know existed. I utilize the USB connection and EOS software for most of my photos. I recently stumbled upon the freeware EOS Camera Movie Record software that is amazing at capturing the Live View images on this Canon that doesn't record video! I got my best image of Jupiter with that and Registax6.
  6. deepend
    Hi all, Malaysia here, and I can't believe I never noticed there was this group all along, since I started in astronomy last September. Anyway, I only got into AP with my 650D in March this year, having it attached to my ST-80 & 8SE (with & without 0.63X), as well as to my 6 camera lenses. Being near the equator, I've never seen Polaris much less do any polar alignment, so I've stuck to Alt-Az AP so far, a lot of tricks of which I've learnt from Joe (Sxinias). However, I bit the bullet and got an AVX AND a ZEQ25GT last month, neither of which I've had the chance to even use so far.

    Yet, more cloudy nights are expected, as I have a few more items arriving soon - 70D and SW 120 Pro ED.
  7. eeowyn
    Hello and very happy to have found this group! Hailing from the wilds of northwest Arkansas, I am recently interested in adding astronomy to my list of hobbies. A macro and portrait photographer on an amateur level, astrophotography is becoming my way into becoming friendly with the stars. My daughter is also interested in astrophotography so we are hoping to delve into it together. We are about as newb as it gets, and would relish any advice, good wishes and laughter anyone may want to share. I'm working with a T2i and she with a T3, but I see a T5i in our future!
  8. mtsheron

    Depending on how in depth you want to go into AP is what will determine cost. You have the DSLR so you are on your way. I use a T2i and do prime shots and not for any amount of exposure time since I am not shooting from a Eq wedge to track an object. If you want to do long and multiple exposures and stack the images for a great looking book worthy shot then you will get great advice from those who use CGEM's and they can instruct you better.

    Good luck!
  9. eeowyn
    Thanks, mtsheron! Have played around some this week and found that 23 secs is a good exposure time with just a lens. Doing some stacking this weekend to see what kind of images I can pull. Will post and and seek advice! Thanks, again.
  10. AzBradley
    Yes, found this group (by accident, but sometimes accidents can be good).
    Looks like sigs don't display here, so....
    Canon T7i - unmodified : Sigma 18-300mm : Ioptron IEQ30 Pro. Planning on an 80-85mm refractor, 2x Powermate and autoguider in the month or so.
    I had some experience with AP, but that was years ago with 35mm film and different style mount. Right now spending time getting familiar with the new camera and mount trying to crawl up the learning curve.

    Clear skies, Brad
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