First attempt with Canon 1100D

  1. Barone
    We had clear skies eventually and I test drove my Canon 1100D with the Meade LX6 8" F6.3 on the moon. The whole moon just fits inside the camera's frame. Focusing was achieved through the camera's view finder and I took a couple of pics on Auto mode just to try out the config and to see if I could find a pic with the least seeing. I sliced out this part to show what detail I was able to obtain.members/barone-albums-my-pics-picture168295-moon-28b-nov-17-my-first-pic-through-meade-lx6-8-f6-3-canon-1100d-t-ring-adapter.jpg
  2. kingclinton
    looking good!
    Be careful, the rabbit hole is bottomless, once you go down you are not coming back!
  3. watson1
    pic shows just how many times our moon has been bombarded.
    Noticed that many of the craters still show a pimple near the middle.
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