Auto Focus with Canon 70D?

  1. fatboy1271
    Is it possible to auto focus the 70D through software while imaging? I just saw a post about Sequence Generator Pro and after looking it up I see that it does auto focus. I feel like every session my focus could always be a little better so an auto focus would help me out a lot... maybe more so mentally but that's a slippery slop

    Is this an ASCOM thing? I have it installed but when looking at the web page it seems that I need a secondary focuser; is that correct? If so, are they worth it?
  2. bobharmony
    I'm guessing that more hardware is indeed in order here. To get more specific, it would help to know what setup you are using to take images. Is it with a telescope and having the camera at prime focus, using a kit lens or a prime lens for widefield for telephoto shots? Those details would help us direct you better.

  3. Sundedo
    I believe the SGP autofocus relies on an external focuser. It can't autofocus your SLR lenses.

    I've started playing around with it for use with my Moonlite focuser on my SCT. My Moonlite has the motorized focus controller that SGP uses to tell the focuser to move in and out. It takes a little bit of fiddling but I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

    If you have the money I can't recommend the Moonlite focusers highly enough. The quality and performance have been great so far.
  4. jenniferchristine
    Unless you are using a canon lens af is non functioning.
    You have ro use external means.
    A batinow mask will help use live view x10 to adjust.
  5. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    With my 80D, and my old 70D, I can autofocus Canon Lenses with BYEOS. When I am using the Meade LX200 16" I have to use the electronic focus on the moonlite. I haven't tried other software.
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