Yes or No to do Dithering

  1. Mr_Astro
    Hi everyone

    As you know Dithering is moving the mount just some pixels around between your exposures to get red of coloring dots..
    my question : Does any one feel different in the final image so he decide to use dithering all the time ?
    I can't decide ..
    Clear Sky
  2. absorbedpath
    Yes, use it....always
  3. bobharmony
    Mr. Astro

    You may not have gotten much discussion on this, as it is not a Canon-specific function. The general astrophotography forum might have been a better place to put this question. Having said that, yes, dithering is helpful in reducing the impact of random camera noise on your results. the more dithered subs you take, the more the noise will be smoothed.

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