70D AC Power Adapter

  1. fatboy1271
    Anyone have an AC Power Adapter for their 70D? I have one for the 450D that I use for imaging, but I want to start using my wife's 70D. I image in my backyard and everything gets plugged in; stupid to use batteries when you have an extension cord right next to you...

    Local camera store said around $150 to order one! I see this Glorich ACK-E6 for $20. Anyone have one or something similar that can be recommended?

  2. bobharmony
    I bought the Kapaxen AC power adapter kit for my 60D in 2014 and have used it successfully several times since then. I see a version on Amazon for the 70D that is selling for $16.50. The reviews are mixed, but for the price, it may be worth a try for you. The only weirdness - when I connect it and power up the camera I get a message on the LCD that says the camera can't communicate with the battery. I press OK and do my shooting as normal. The adapter doesn't have the logic that is built into the Canon batteries that allows you to display information about them while they are in the camera.

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