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  1. Normy
    I have a celestron 130 Asrtromaster with a 2x barlow t adapter. I've spent over an hour playing with settings and the focuser and cannot see any light. Tried it just before sun down and got a awesome pic of some trees in the distance, lol. Any help? settings on Camera etc. I can see nothing at all in live mode or if i look through the eyepiece. All get is a black screen. Tried a 30sec exp and nothing. Tried aiming at one of the bright stars in orion belt.
  2. fatboy1271
    Hey Normy,

    Are you able to get an image without the barlow in? I'm not sure what you mean when you say "barlow t adapter." I have a barlow and then I have a T-Ring/T-Adapter combo for my Canon...
  3. Normy
    Mine is a combined barlow/ T-adapter, I can take the lens off but no change. I can see nothing no mater what I've tried. Frustrated!

    1.25" Universal Barlow and T-Adapter [item # 93640]
  4. fatboy1271
    Interesting... I have item #93625, which seems to be that adapter minus the barlow. And then I have the Canon T-Ring that the adapter screws into.

    I see that you can unscrew the barlow so have you tried removing it and seeing what happens?
  5. Normy
    Yes tried it with it off and on, what I just tried was focus on a light about 1/2 mile away, I could see the wires of the power lines, got a pic of light NP, pointed at the sky and nothing. Played with focus slowly slightly up the down nothing. With 30sec exp passed a flash light for about 2 sec over end of scope and light got a bright yellow pic. No matter what I try when I point it up at the stars I'm getting nothing.

    What size is your telescope?
  6. fatboy1271
    I've got two small guys: 90SLT and a new ST-80.

    I would think that if you can focus on the light you should be able to slowly focus on a bright star. I don't know, but hopefully someone with way more knowledge than me will answer you... I feel for ya!
  7. Normy
    Ok so after 2 hours outside I tried the street light in my 60mm Refractor 700mm FL. Pointed it at the sky and was able to get a pic of Jupiter. As for the 130mm nothing was visible. Frustrated to say the least. overall very disappointed in the telescope.
  8. ghswen
    See if you have any luck attempting to focus on the moon.
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