70D w/ 100-400 EF-L on Twilight I mount

  1. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    I picked up a Twilight I mount for my ST80a to use it as a grab and go. I was trying to shoot sunspots with a camera tripod it was hard to keep the sun in view. with the slo-mo controls on the twilight that would help with that.

    I called Scope Stuff and got a right angle and a couple dovetail bars and a dovetail holder to put the Canon on a flat surface for alt-az also I didn't want to stress it anymore than I had to, a dovetail put on the 100-400 I could have mounted on the side but felt that would stress it too much. I really like the way it came out.

  2. danthoman
    Looks like a nice setup. Lets see some photos.
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