Wide angle lens questions

  1. eeowyn
    Canon 10-18mm vs Rokinon 14mm

    Anyone have any experience with the 10-18mm lens from Canon? Looking to purchase a wide angle lens.
  2. Rcoggins
    I've never used the Canon lenses but I do own and use a Samyang 14mm lens which is the same lens as the Rokinon just branded different and I love using it with my T3i.
  3. BliBliBoy
    I have the Rokinon 14mm and am very impressed with the performance vs cost. I am probably more impressed with the Canon 16-35mm wide angle for astro, landscape etc. I looked at the 10-18mm but found it had more edge distortion than I was happy with. I use both a full-frame Canon 6D and cropped-sensor 7D Mk II
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