Rebel XSi AP Settings...?

  1. fatboy1271
    Hi All,

    I use my wife's XSi with my Celestron 90SLT. I've learned a lot about taking pictures, never really spent any time with a camera for the first 41 years of my life, and now probably know more about my wife's camera than she does. I was wondering if anyone else in the Group uses an XSi or a model with very similar features? I'm looking for the "optimal" settings to do AP: Planetary and DSO. I do understand that having the exact same model could mean different settings may be needed for different parts of the world, but if someone had a check list that newbie's like me could try out, well that would be awesome! I use manual focus, play with the ISO and exposure, and if I'm using a lens vs my 90SLT then I'll try different f-stop numbers. I'm also looking for tips on how to not be so shaky when trying to adjust my focus... good luck on helping me out there
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