Loving my 7DMkII

  1. griz11
    Haven't gotten to do much shooting with it yet one night under the stars and a couple of afternoon rides around the neighborhood. But so far I love the MkII. Fixed everything I didn't especially like about the 7D. Love the tethered cables now and the new viewfinder and AF focus menus. I do a lot of motorsports in addition to AP and its looking like the perfect camera for both. I added 3 pictures from the MkII in the gallery. I'm a newbie on the processing side so I'm sure in more capable hands it would be even more outstanding.

  2. danthoman
    Congratulations on the new camera griz.
  3. deepend
    I would buy the 7DII in a jiffy, if only it had the articulated LCDs like my T4i & 70D .. I just can't imagine how I'd crawl beneath the camera when the refractor is pointed near the zenith !
  4. BliBliBoy
    I use a Camranger to use live view on my iPad - works very well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seGKsbRyQrE

  5. John999R
    It amazes me Canon didn't install the articulated LCD on the 6D, they should have known it was going to be a good astro camera with it's excellent low light performance. I totally agree with you on not having this feature, it was that way on my T3 (which I really liked because it was lighter), but now I have it on both my 60Da and T4i.
  6. deepend
    John, it's not just the 6D, but all Canon FFs don't have the articulated LCD. Nikons don't either, and even the Sony A7 series only does it up and down, no left-right
  7. John999R
    The articulated screen should be on all models. I heard the upcoming 6D II will have it. I have my sights set on the current 6D even with the non articulated screen because of price. I don't think the 6DII will have any technological changes over the 6D, so I don't think spending close to a grand more for an articulating screen is worth it.
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