Help! What is wrong with this picture???

  1. YsniperY
    Hi Guys, I've included a cropped portion of the processed pic of M101. As you can hopefully see there are these weird "lines" that run diagonal across the whole thing. I used my CGEM DX 1100HD with Canon T1i DSLR and starshoot autoguider. And at prime focus. This is about 1.5 hrs worth of data at F/10 using 2 minute subs. I stacked and processed in DSS. I can't figure out if its a processing step that I'm messing up or lack there of that I don't know about. I've never noticed it in any of my other photos but this is the first one I've done with an autoguider. Thoughts? If you can't see it in the small picture I can email you the full size one so you can evaluate it. I'd really like some help here so I'm not just wasting my time under the stars for nothing. Please help! thanks. JonHelp!  What is wrong with this picture??-processeddss7.jpg
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