1. r_141
    Hoping to do some astrophotography. Tried with my existing point and shoot Cannon. It was hopeless to focus the thing. Thinking of buying Canon DSLR 600D with Canon t-ring. Have Celestron 2x Barlow which can fit into the T-ring. Now prime focus with the Barlow ? or eyepiece projection extender ? Please suggest.

    Scope: SkyWatcher 1025 refractor.
  2. r_141
    Got Canon DSLR 600D. Also got Bushnell 1.25" eyepiece projection T adapter and Celestron Canon T ring. Tried Bushnell with 20mm eyepiece. Just couldn't focus.Tried with Barlow again no focus. Only Barlow without the lens gave the right focus. How do I focus with the Bushnell with an eyepiece in it ? Please help.
  3. danthoman
    For eyepiece projection you will need something like this

    1.25" Orion Standard Tele-Extender | Orion Telescopes

    or the one celestron makes. I would suggest not using eyepiece projection because of the reduction in photo quality. Try finding someone with a tele-extender and try it before buying.
  4. YsniperY
    I've connected the telextender with an eye piece on my 11" SCT and DSLR. It does make it a much larger image but the exposure has to be much longer and polar alignment and tracking need to be near perfect or star trailing is extreme.
  5. Angelgirl
    Hi there I have a Canon 600d and a couple of scopes, sw Mak 127 & explore scientific 80mm ed APO but I cannot get focus no matter what I try. I have t-ring, adapter, extension tubes, you name it I think I've got it but I must be doing something wrong cos I have not been able to focus anything so on Friday 20th March I'm going to the Leicester race course in the hope of seeing others set up for AP.
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