Can't convert raw files with new T3 camera

  1. John999R
    I have the EOS Utility version 25.1 downloaded, it was from my T4i. I've used this version to download images from both the T4i, 20Da and now the T3. I bought the T3 to modify for astro imaging. Previously I had no problems converting the raw images to Tiff, but now the program will not convert any raw images so I can edit them later when I took some short astro images with the T3. I'm new at this and tried what I could to get the download to perform this function but without success.

    At this point I'm wondering if the memory chip in the T3 has anything to do with it. The camera didn't come with a chip so I had a spare 8GB SanDisk that I used. Do you need any special kind of memory chip? The one I'm using with the 20Da is the older style and it's also 8GB.
  2. John999R
    I have it figured out now.
  3. watson1
    Could you describe the solution, so that we can find the same route to success?
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