450D for Video Recording

  1. MadCrawdad
    Just bought a used XSi/450D, so thought I'd join the group. Had a question about video recording. I've seen some stuff online that talks about programs that allow you to record video with the 450D. Anyone tried this, or know anything about it?

    The only reason that this would be attractive to me is for solar system work. I'm pretty new to electronic imaging, but apparently stacking video frames is the way to go when imaging Jupiter with a DSLR.

  2. MadCrawdad
    I see that Meniscus used video w/ his 450D to record Saturn. Nice pics.
  3. DrGui
    Do yourself a big favor ... invest in a capture program called Backyard EOS. All the photos in my album were taken using it ... it works well and it isn't expensive.

    If your not doing your captures to a computer of some kind you may want to get yourself a timer/controller (called an intervalometer) and you can do some nice things from just a tripod.
  4. mick286
    Yep, BackyardEOS is the way to go,
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