Canon 450D Astrophotographers

  1. admin
    Canon 450D Astrophotographers join here!
  2. Canon Pete
    Canon Pete
    Ok I joined up !
  3. admin
    Hi Pete thanks for joining in here welcome! Can you let us know some of your tips and tricks for using the 450D as an astrophotography camera?

    thanks in advance
  4. harrybee
    OK guys I joined to.Just bought 450D and waiting for cgem and Orion 8" RC to come.Meanwhile still have 10"meade lx200 gps to view with.Will do a lot of looking here to hopefully learn.Tnx
  5. admin
    Awesome we have a few people that just purchased it this week!
    let us know when you start using it the CGEM is great.
  6. admin
    by the way welcome to the forums Harry!
  7. NCMountains
    I am here!
  8. NCMountains
    Woooo hoooo. Camera will be here tomorrow! Can't wait to get it.
  9. admin
    Which one you get NC? 450D or 500D?
  10. NCMountains
    I believe it is the 400D which is the older version I assume. Really I am camera model line illiterate. I say this because the owner's manual that came with it had 400D on it.
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