Canon 450D Astrophotographers

  1. NCMountains
    Camera came but they forgot to ship the lens!!! After a phone call it is on the way.
  2. NCMountains
    Got the TRC programmable remote today and ran it through some test. It is actually a rather nice remote. Now only if it will last for several years.
  3. rizla
    Count me in!
  4. Haroldine
    Hi Everybody
    Looks like most of us are pretty new at Cannon Astrophotography. Got my camera last year but due to one thing or another haven't had much success.
    I'm a bit better organized this year, only need a set of 130mm rings for new refractor and I'm set. So any tips from you guys will be much appreciated.
    I can only use my scopes while away from home because of light pollution and buildings etc. I can't even see Polaris from here!!
    So off to France at Easter we have a Chalet over there. Here in England we call it a Static Caravan. I the US I believe they call them Trailors.
    Whatever you call it, it's there for us from Easter till the end of October. The nearest major town is 30miles away, and the site is very dark after around midnight.
    I will try to keep up with what is happening on this site but internet is a bit hit and miss and very expensive.
    Hope to hear from you all soon
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