Why I started this group

  1. Spacedoutradionewsguy
    Hi, I started this group because I noticed that there were folks out there who actually like the B&L Criterion 4000, and 8000. I thought this would be a way that we could share our experiences, and knowledge. I also thought this might be a good way of swapping parts, or sharing manuals. Right off I will admit to being a total noob. I have never owned anything more advanced that an Orion XT8, which I still have and enjoy using. I wanted something small and portable so I grabbed a "Critter 4K" off of fleabay. It just arrived on 8-12-17, so I brought it in to work, so I could tinker with it on lunch break. It really seems to be a solidly built unit. I am going to take it up into the North Carolina mountains when I finish up my work week Monday morning. I could use a manual if anyone has a pdf they can share. If not, I will make my own through trial and error and post the results here.
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