Proposed Group Discussion

  1. BobDob
    Hey all!

    If there's anyone out there who belongs to this group (or, who doesn't), I propose we have a discussion about something/anything pertaining to ob's. The last post to the group was nearly two and a half years ago. So, what say? Anything? Anyone?

    Clear skies to you...Bob
  2. DaltonSkyGazer

    How about discussion on experience with various observatory designs, pluses minuses, etc. Possible discussion on everyone's unique upgrades and observatory extras added after project completion.
  3. DaltonSkyGazer
    From experience I can say that I found it was best to have a well planned general layout in advance of putting observatory up. You want to have clear understanding of how current equipment and future equipment will fit within the framework of your plan. You also want to know how headroom and occupancy will work out during observing session, plan for extra headroom and elbow room around the pier location.

    I am very glad I added the extra height to my building design, makes dome feel very roomy. Knowing I would add extras later I decided early on not to finish out the control room and dome area side until after I had several months of viewing/imaging experiencing from within the dome and control room locations. You truly do not have a firm grasp on workflow and fit until you have several months hands on experience with the gear.
  4. BobDob
    Good points, Jeff! From the photos I've seen, it looks like you raised the pier well above the obsy main floor. Did you build a floor above it or do you do a lot of ladder work around your scope?
  5. DaltonSkyGazer
    Bob the concrete portion of pier extends above the observatory floor by approximately 16 inches. The steel pier height is set for 49" measured from top plate, designed to be adjustable by several inches. I did consider doing a secondary floor at a taller height so that one could observe visually without ladder, the design would have allowed for extra storage area. After much consideration I decided on leaving the secondary floor out, 90% of time I run cameras only. A ladder for visual use has been non issue.
  6. BobDob
    Ah, OK. Your dome is fully automated, then?
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