Is the Seeing where you are @ getting better as the cooler weather rolls in? Boy it sure is here in Nashville, BIG difference from Mid-July or so when we had record breaking heat everyday for nearly a month. Just wondering 'bout your neck of the woods?
  2. spacefreak
    i live in Ohio, viewing is always questionable
    Yes, apparently your questionable viewing conditions were contagious and we have now come down with incurable cloudiness.....
  4. wgbeatty
    Yes, Seeing is improving dramatically with the cooler weather. It seems after a storm front moves through the skies are clearer, I can pick out things low on the horizon easily (like Sagittarius and Scorpio) and I can easily see the Milky way as a faint band from my backyard. When humidity and/or temperatures go up that just doesn't happen.
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