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  1. Angelgirl
    Hello America, this is Angelgirl from the UK. I have just joined the group. My equipment is; scopes = Lunt ha50, Explore Scientific ed apo 80 triplet and a Celestron Edge 8”, I have a Quark Chromosphere and my cameras are a DMK 21 mono, Altair Astro gp8, ZWO 120 both colour and mono and my latest one is a Pointgrey IMX174 and a Canon T3i. My mounts are an eq3-2 and an AVX. I really wish I had a garden big enough to have an observatory so I can leave things set up and not have to rip it down every time, you just don’t know what the weather here will do!!! I am a member of the Leicester Astronomical Society. I hope to post a few things such as requests for help, clear skies for you all. Cheers
  2. rickg18704
    Hello Angelgirl. You have impressive list of equipment. The Astronomical League has many observing programs to choose from.
  3. wdm2012
    Agreed -- nice equipment. Enjoy your time here; it is a fine respite from daily life.
  4. rickg18704
    How goes everyone's AL Observing Programs? I've got a few that are close to completion. Unfortunately the terrible weather this year put many objects into the 'Next season category'.

    Is anyone doing the Herschel 400? So far all of my observations were manual with the DOB. I've got a refractor on a EQ mount with GOTO. I haven't used the refractor for any observing programs yet. Still learning the mount. I like starhopping but almost feel that using GOTO is akin to cheating even though it is allowed. One the hand, GOTO gets me there quicker.

    Any thoughts?
  5. bladekeeper
    Hi Rick! I managed the Herschel 400 in about a year and a half with a manual dobsonian. Loads of fun working that list of objects. Definitely give it a try. Lots of nice objects and some are tough as nails, but most are reasonably easy to pull down.
  6. rickg18704
    Thanks Brian. I've tackled 50 of them so far with the DOB. I'd like to give the AR152 a spin too. Problem with more than scope...decisions decisions. Like I said. I enjoy starhopping. I've got the basics of the scope on EQ mount down well in regards to starhopping with the Telrad and RACI. The mirror image requires some mental gymnastics.
    The AL Herschel Program allows GOTO and I'm tempted to use it.
  7. wdm2012
    re the AL, I just finished the Messier, all 110, and am at about 27 in the Caldwells. Nearly finished with the Lunar, and well into the double star.
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