Apertura Dobs are gone!

  1. resq
    Rumors were confirmed today that there are no longer any Apertura Dobs for sale. They have gotten out of the business of those. But still have some select accessories.
  2. bladekeeper
    So, Tim, does this now mean we own vintage scopes?

    I think I'm going to go hug my dob now.
  3. resq
    Haha! That's about all the activity it will have seen in a bit :-/ lol
  4. bladekeeper
    Yep. I'm keeping it fed and watered. Hopefully in a few days I can take it out and let it run.
  5. nightsky_guy62
    I just got the AD12 some weeks ago with the full up package. I absolutely love it so was naturally really sad to hear of Opticsmart going out of the telescope business.
    I haven't broken the news to my 12 yet...

  6. bladekeeper
    Don't tell it! What it doesn't know doesn't hurt it. Kind of like my cat. He's been around people so long, he doesn't know any better. Your scope will soon come to thing of itself as part of the family and not realize his cousins will never be coming around.

    Wait, that sounds kind of sad when I put it like that.
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