Show your upgrades, carts, setting circles, etc.

  1. titaniumsalute04
    I just received my AD12 a couple days ago and the cloud curse isn't gonna let up till Wednesday. It would be nice in the meantime to read up on how y'all move yalls scope around or any other upgrade that you might have done.
  2. Bobble
    I would like to thank titaniumsalute04 for the invite to join this group.
    When I find a moment in the next day or so I'll post details of my own "personalized"AD12.
    I took great pleasure to mod it to my satisfaction.
    The AD12 12 one AWESOME scope!!
  3. titaniumsalute04
    Thanks for your willingness to help folks like me with your suggestions. And please feel free to invite others you know that have Apertura scopes!
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